House of Time: Music for the Sun King

By Museum Concerts, Inc. (other events)

Sunday, January 8 2023 3:30 PM 5:00 PM EST

At Versailles, music was an important part of daily life at court. Whether in the Chapel, for masked balls at the Hall of Mirrors, or intimate chamber concerts in the private apartments of the King or Queen, music reflected the glory of Louis XIV and his court. The House of Time focuses on three composers associated with Versailles – Elizabeth Jaquet de la Guerre, who was a teen-age sensation – performing on the harpsichord at court, and publishing her own music. Lully was in charge of Opera and the grand spectacles staged in the gardens. François Couperin was part of a musical dynasty of 18th-century France, and composed chamber music for Versailles. Come revel in the grandeur of the Sun King!

“Musically suave … volatile and beguiling” (San Francisco Chronicle) 

Gonzalo Ruiz, oboe; Tatiana Daubek, violin; Matt Zucker, cello; Elliott Figg, harpsichord