First Unitarian Church of ProvidenceProvidence, RI, United States

Chatham Baroque: Stylus Fantasticus

By Museum Concerts, Inc. (other events)

Sunday, October 23 2022 3:30 PM 5:00 PM EDT

The Jesuit author, scientist and inventor, a true baroque polymath, Athanasius Kircher describes the stylus fantasticus in his book, Musurgia Universalis (1650): “The fantastic style is especially suited to instruments. It is the most free and unrestrained method of composing, it is bound to nothing, neither to any words nor to a melodic subject, it was instituted to display genius and to teach the hidden design of harmony and the ingenious composition of harmonic phrases and fugues.”  This style of composition was made popular first in Italy, but the steady interchange of musicians between Italy, Germany and Austria helped disseminate and popularize this wild and unfettered way of composing.

“One of the country’s most distinguished period ensembles” (Palisadian Post)

Andrew Fouts and Paul Miller violins; Patricia Halvorson, gamba; Scott Pauley, theorbo